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Jilles Beer & Burgers serves tasty gourmet and vegan burgers that are deliciously different. Feel at home in our burger restaurants in Ghent, Bruges and Ostend and enjoy a casual dinner.

Beer sommelier Sofie Vanrafelghem paired every burger with a Belgian beer, and authentic craft brewery Fort Lapin brewed our beer Rostekop. We serve beef burgers, chicken fillets, rotisserie ham, veggie and vegan burgers, all of superior quality. A crunchy baked bun and a fresh salad top it off. And what about our fries and side dishes? They are as crispy as they are rustic.



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Free beer for Gingers


Blessed with red hair yourself? Receive our free Rostekop beer as a souvenir (only if you come and have lunch or dinner with us, of course). See you! 

A delicious birthday!


Happy birthday! Let's celebrate your birthday with delicious beer and burgers, family and friends! We treat the birthday boy with our fresh Rostekop beer.  

Do you know Red Richard?


Jilles Beer & Burgers is all about food pairing and we already served our Rostekop beer with matching Rostekop cheese. But we wanted more and created the Red Richard burger: aburger on a bun with Rostekop cheese, Rostekop sauce, cherry tomatoes and lettuce. … Try our new pairing and tell us your thoughts.

Jilles Oostende is kidsproof!


Kinderen kunnen zich amuseren in een ruime kinderspeelhoek en krijgen een jeton voor de grijpmachine: altijd prijs! Voor de kids hebben we een aangepast kindermenu en leuke kleurtekeningen. Ideaal als uitstap of voor een verjaardagsfeestje! Vanaf 6 kids eet de jarige gratis! Hieperdepiep... HOERA!

New vegan & veggieburgers


Hazelnut burgers with melted mozzarella, nachos or pesto dressing ... Discover these veggieburgers in Ghent, Bruges and Ostend. 


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