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Behind the name ‘Sofie’ you’ll find an entire team, dedicated to putting Belgian beer on the global map. Of course, it all started with one person: Sofie Vanrafelghem and her fascination for Belgian beers.

Sofie Vanrafelghem: “I love to shop, to have fun, to enjoy romantic dinners… I’m a foodie and I love beer. No white wine or cava for me. It hasn’t always been that way, though. In fact, it used to be completely the opposite. I grew up in a loving family, but without a drop of beer in sight. It was during my last years at the university that I started to discover craft beers. When I tasted my first Trappist, I had no clue that it would change my life."

The more Sofie got to know about Belgian beers, the more her interest deepened, so she decided to take it to a professional level. Sofie: “So many brewers, beers, stories, traditions and flavors… I couldn’t believe that I had overlooked all of this in favor of wine.

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I started to visit breweries and beer festivals. After I graduated, I decided to learn how to brew and get my degree in zythology. This product is part of my own culture and history. I really wanted to know everything about it.”

After having won over her family and friends, Sofie decided to approach a wider audience with workshops and lectures.
Sofie: “The main reason why people -especially women- tend to choose wine instead of beer is that they don’t really know anything about it yet. I became determined to change that, and I ended op building an amazing team around me. We are on a mission: to show everyone and everywhere how great our Belgian beers really are.” 
We are proud of our Belgian beer. And we want the whole world to know."
We are proud of our Belgian beer. And we want the whole world to know.

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